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Americans are some of the most overfed and yet undernourished people on the planet, and it shows.
The United States ranks 40th in the developed world for life expectancy even though we spend far more per person on health care than any other country. A new study from the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine says that the life-expectancy gap between the US and other developed countries is only getting larger.Shocked? We should be!

Proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle plays an important role in helping prevent many major diseases (like heart disease, diabetes and even cancer), but getting proper nutrition in our modern world can be a challenge.

Let’s take a look:

Our bodies cannot produce many of the nutrients we need, so they must be found in the food we eat and the supplements we take every day. Additionally, if the food we are eating is lacking nutrients, then supplementing can really be beneficial in staying healthy.
Most people say that they eat well, but research shows that 80 percent of Americans are not eating enough servings of fruits and vegetables.i We are also not getting enough Omega- 3 oils (EPA/DHA), antioxidants, B vitamins or a host of other nutrients our bodies need.
The nutritional content of our food has changed. A 2004 study of common crops showed a decline in the nutrient content between 6 and 38 percent over the past 50 years.ii
The amount of processed food that we eat has been on a steady climb ever since the invention of the refrigerator. Today, most of us eat more processed food than non-processed food. Convenience has become more prized than quality.
Our high stress and fast paced lives increases our needs for nutrients, especially the B vitamins.
The world is a much more toxic place than it used to be. Our bodies are exposed to more pollutants and under more oxidative stress than ever before. We need optimum nutrition in order to help our bodies battle these stresses.

None of us are perfect, there are days when you might eat well, but then days when you don’t. A multivitamin, along with other key nutritional supplements can be the insurance policy you are looking for to fill in those nutritional gaps that may leave us vulnerable.

i Krebs-Smith SM, Guenther PM, Subar AF, Kirkpatrick SI, Dodd KW. Americans do not meet federal dietary recommendations. J Nutr. 2010;140:1832–1838.
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 Top 10 Supplements You Should Take Every Day


We created this list of the top supplements you should take every day in order to maximize your overall health.

Multivitamin The first place you should start is with a multivitamin. This lays the foundation and gives your body the basic nutrition it needs. But you don’t want to stop at only a multivitamin because your body could use so much more.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Omega-3 fatty acids (such as EPA and DHA) have been shown to help lower triglycerides, stroke and heart disease risk, help with blood pressure, and have also been shown to be helpful in dealing with rheumatoid arthritis, depression, asthma, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, and dementia.i

Vitamin C Most of us don’t get nearly enough vitamin C in our diet. Vitamin C is essential for collagen production, wound healing, the absorption of iron, and our immune system. Since vitamin C is rapidly used in the body, look for a sustained-release form.ii

Vitamin D Vitamin D is essential for calcium metabolism; if you want healthy bones you need vitamin D. Vitamin D also supports our immune system and having optimum blood levels of Vitamin D may be helpful in cardiovascular health and may reduce your risk of certain cancers, and even depression.iii

B-Vitamins The B vitamins help regulate carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism. They help with DNA synthesis and repair, help to lower homocysteine, and are helpful for functions from stress management to energy metabolism.iv

Vitamin K Vitamin K is not as well known as other nutrients, but it is essential to our health and generally lacking in our diet because we don’t eat enough green leafy vegetables. Vitamin K is essential for bone mineralization, normal blood clotting, and wound healing.v

Calcium Most people know that calcium is important for bones and osteoporosis is a major concern with our aging society, but calcium is also helpful for maintaining normal blood pressure, and may play a role in weight

Antioxidant Antioxidants are essential for protecting our bodies against free-radical damage–which may be one of the reasons why we age. The best sources of antioxidants are fruits and vegetables; look for supplements containing vitamins C, E, beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, zinc, and selenium.vii

Probiotics While not a nutrient, probiotics make our list because they are essential for proper digestive functioning. Probiotics are microorganisms that support the normal functioning of the whole digestive tract and may reduce the tendencies many have for constipation and diarrhea. They also help with excessive gas and even conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome.viii

Lutein and Lycopene These vitamin-like compounds found in food are great antioxidants.ix They also support a strong immune system and help maintain overall wellness and long-term health of the eyes, heart, skin and lungs.


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Alfalfa: Deeply Rooted Nutrition

Alfalfa garners a storehouse of nutrients. Its tap root reaches down as deep as 20 feet, searching out nutrients and minerals from deposits in the soil, while its leaves gather large amounts of chlorophyll through the natural process of photosynthesis.

Alfalfa Complex is a Shaklee Signature Formula originally developed by Dr. Shaklee.

We use only the finest alfalfa grown in California, ensuring a wide range of nutrients, including calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, as well as chlorophyll, bioflavonoids, trace minerals, and vitamins.

  • Natural source of alfalfa
  • Contains no fungicides, bacteriocides, synthetic hormones, growth regulators, or chemicals
  • Each serving provides 300 mg of calcium, about as much as in a glass of milk.

Great List of Alfalfa Benefits- Top Ten Benefits of Alfalfa

Here are the top ten benefits of taking supplemental alfalfa . . .
aids in digestion (contains 8 digestive enzymes)
is a natural diuretic
antihistamine (contains 3 known antihistamines)
heals ulcers
used for allergies
relieves stomach upset
stimulates bile flow
lowers cholesterol (binds to bile acids to lower cholesterol)
anti – bacterial
improves glucose tolerance
binds with heavy metals and removes them from your system
protects from radiation
shrinks plaque in arteries
helps gout
regulates blood sugar level
helps control body odor – smelly feet and bad breath
aids back disc repair
aids healing of heel spurs
kills some bacteria and viruses
improves health and vigor
high in protein, fiber, vitamins & minerals
has no known toxicity
Ok, I added a few.
Deeply Rooted Nutrition
Alfalfa is a storehouse of nutrients. Its tap root reaches down as deep as 20 feet, searching out nutrients and minerals from deposits in the soil, while its leaves gather large amounts of chlorophyll through the natural process of photosynthesis.
Alfalfa Complex is a Shaklee Signature Formula originally developed by Dr. Shaklee.

The Minerals in Alfalfa

CALCIUM – builds and maintains bones and teeth; helps clot blood, aids in vitality and endurance; regulates heart rhythm, soothes nerves.
IRON – required in manufacture of hemoglobin; helps carry oxygen in the blood.
POTASSIUM – necessary for normal muscle tone, nerves, heart action and enzyme reactions; digests fats.
PHOSPHORUS – needed for normal bone and tooth structure. Interrelated with action of calcium and Vitamin D. Improves nutrition of nerve tissue.
CHLORIN – cleans and purifies the body, lowers fat sugar and starch metabolism.
SODIUM – regulates heat in the body fluids; neutralizes acids, prevents clotting of 
blood; stimulates the spleen, excites bowels and stomach to greater action.
SILICON MAGNESIUM – aids in constipation, steadies the nerves, protective to skin and body, stimulates brain.
PROTEIN – Alfalfa is high in protein – Alfalfa has 18.9% as compared to beef 16.5% – milk 3,3% and eggs 13.1%.  Muscles are composed of protein and the lack of it results in fatigue & weakness.
 Alfalfa – The Amazing Legume
Alfalfa contains 8 essential enzymes.  An enzyme is a promoter of chemical reactions necessary to enable foods to be assimilated in the body.
Lipase – fat splitting
Amylase – acts on starches
Coagulase – coagulates or clots blood
Emulsin – acts upon sugars
Invertase – converts cane sugar to dextrose
peroxidate – oxidizing effect of the blood
Pectinase – forms vegetable jelly
Protase – digests proteins
Aids in digestion.
The chlorophyll, enzymes, minerals, vitamins – all aid digestion and help stimulate lagging appetites.
It’s eight essential enzymes assist in digesting all 4 classes of food (proteins, fats, starches and sugars).
Aids in peptic ulcers.
Contains Vitamin U –  VitaminU effectively cured 80% of those tested at Stanford University (as stated in NATURE’S HEALING GRASSES by H. E. Kirschner M.D.)
 Great diuretic and bowel regulator
An effective barrier against bacterial invasion
The chlorophyll in alfalfa develops an effective barrier against bacterial invasion by its stimulation effect on the growth of connective tissue and granulation tissue.
AL-FAL-FA meaning Father of all foods. They were so convinced that it was beneficial to the health and strength of the body.  It is one of nature’s oldest legumes – first cultivated 2,000 years ago.
We hope you find this information helpful.
Bob Audette
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The Value of Prevention

Over the last few decades, there has been a lot of talk about what prevention steps you can take for good health. Such steps, in a daily routine, including getting enough water & sleep, brushing & flossing your teeth, reducing your stress, staying away from cigarettes, having a healthy weight, exercising, meditation, power of prayer, proper nutrition & whole food supplementation. In other words, taking care of body, mind and spirit.

From my experience, when you talk to most people about their health they usually go into what is ailing them or what they are recovering/have recovered from. It is very rare to hear someone talk about all the health issues they have prevented by truly taking care of themselves. I believe the reason most people don’t talk about what they have prevented is because prevention is one of those things in life that, for most, seem to be a giant leap of faith.

How does a person know that taking any or all of the positive steps above will prevent anything? And if so, where is the proof? Real proof has to come in the form of a peer-reviewed (reviewed by a products competition) and published clinical study. This study would also need to compare groups that took certain preventative measures to groups that didn’t to see if there was real positive or negative health differences. If there was a group of people who took prevention measures that were proven to work consistently, would others be able to take these same prevention measures and have a very good chance of receiving the same positive health benefits? If the answer to that question is yes, others would no longer have to take a leap of faith but would instead be able to use the information from the study to take a leap of intelligence towards better health!

So the real question begs, is there any group of people who have taken positive steps and without question received positive health benefits? And if so, is there a peer-reviewed and published human clinical study to prove this beyond a shadow of doubt? I am proud to say the answer is yes! The group that showed markedly better health were long-term Shaklee supplement users. A study called The Landmark Study was performed in collaboration with researchers from U.C. Berkeley School of Public Health and later published in Nutrition Journal. This is an undeniable peer-reviewed & published study of the highest level. There were three groups that were compared:

· People that took no supplements at all
· People that took supplements other than Shaklee
· Shaklee long-term users group

The first two groups were from the NHANES group, which is part of the World Health Organization. One of the most interesting parts of this study was that the Shaklee users group was, on average, 8 years older than the other two groups and had much better overall health. Shaklee users showed for lower rates of Type II diabetes, congestive heart failure, heart attacks, strokes, and emphysema to point out just a few. The Shaklee group, with far better overall health, also used far fewer medications in a year’s time on average compared to the other two groups (.6 meds compared to 6.4-14 meds). Shaklee is the only company that has proven that their natural supplements provide long-term health benefits for those that use them. One of the advancements that came out of the Landmark Study was Shaklee’s product called Vitalizer. This product is based on 12 clinical trials and the Landmark Study itself.

With most companies, there is no clinical testing on their formulations. In other words, you are the crash dummy test for their formulations. The unfortunate thing is that when choosing healthy supplementation, it can be a blind leap of faith. With Shaklee you will have solid research and testing to help you make a leap of intelligence for your health.

This letter is intended to be an introduction to a weekly Shaklee product education e-mail. Our intent is to educate you on each Shaklee product and their potential benefits. For a more in-depth discussion on the Landmark Study and what it can mean for your health, click on Landmark Study Results & Landmark Key Results/Comparisons

Best wishes to our health, let’s keep the conversation going!
Bob Audette
Team Leader, Wellness & Environmental Associates

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Landmark Study Long Term Benefits of Quality Supplements on Humans




Three groups of people:


  1. Those who took no supplements
  2. Those who took a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement (Brand-X uses)
  3. Those who took generous amounts of Shaklee for 20-42 years



Condition No Supplements Single Supplement Shaklee Members
C Reactive Protein 4.6 3.2 1.9



Ø      C Reactive protein may be the most important value.  Measures inflammation in the body. Predictive of future cardiovascular disease risk, strongly linked with the risk of developing certain cancers, diabetes and Altzheimer’s disease.



Condition No Supplement Single Supplement Shaklee Members

Heart Disease


5.6 7.1 5.0%
Congestive Heart Failure 3.5 2.8 1.4%
Heart Attacks 4.4 7.6 2.5%



Ø      Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the U.S.  In all three conditions those who used Shaklee supplements had markedlybetter heart health.


Condition No Supplement Single Supplement  Shaklee Members

Type II Diabetes

8.5 11.1 2.9%



Ø      The study showed a 4-5 times higher incidence of diabetes in the non-user and multi-user group.  Diabetes is epidemic in the U.S. but those taking Shaklee had remarkably less incidence despite many of them being over weight.



Daily Use No Supplement Single Supplement  Shaklee Members


Number of medications 6.4- 14 over the course of a year 6.4- 14 over the course of a year 0.6


Ø      Perhaps one of the most telling results. Think of the side effects- liver and kidney damage, brain fog, poverty vs. living medication free.



Health Rating No Supplement Single Supplement Shaklee Members
% that Felt Good about Their Health 49.10 55.6% 84.20%



The Shaklee members were on average 10 years older than their counterparts.  They also retained normal levels of blood pressure, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and homocysteine.  These are markers of inflammation and are warning signals.  The other groups did not retain normal levels of these markers.



For a complete account of the research study go to


The study title is “Usage patterns, health and nutritional status of long –term multiple dietary supplement users: a cross- sectional study.”



The Study proved that taking generous amounts of high quality (Shaklee) supplements provides substantial health benefits over the long term.






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Since the advent of the Internet but more significantly the advent of business on the internet, network marketing has had an incredible face lift. Many years ago, it seems, people who became involved in Network Marketing were normally introduced through a friend or a relative or invited by a complete stranger to, what must have seemed like cult meetings.

Fast-forward to today and the opportunity of growing a global network marketing business has never been more possible. Nowadays literally anyone with a computer and access to the internet is a potential prospect. It’s also possible to pitch your entire opportunity simply by driving traffic to a website.

Of course network marketing still suffers the comparison to pyramid schemes and scams and sadly there are still numerous companies out there trying to make a quick buck off some poor soul but unfortunately or fortunately network marketing on the internet is not the only industry guilty of this.

Despite this stigma surrounding network marketing, there are many companies out there offering a real opportunity to start your own home based business. The internet allows you to quickly see who these companies are and whether or not they offer a legitimate business plan.

And now with the internet and a real business opportunity to promote, people no longer have to cajole, persuade, argue and simply create pressure for others to join their program. Gone are the days where you had to approach strangers in a supermarket. Now with the internet, network marketing companies provide you with a generic website of your own with your own unique ID which you can use to drive traffic to.

You can then market your website in any way you choose. You can use both the various online and offline techniques in order to drive traffic to your site. The benefit of doing this is your marketing efforts work whether you’re around or not. This is the process where Internet and Network Marketing go hand in
hand. You do not have to make direct contact with a single individual until they are interested in the product and the opportunity.

There is however also a misconception with this relationship. Many people have the idea they will build a website and on seeing the website people will come to them and the business will run on its own. Exclusively online business does not necessarily mean you will never need to speak to a stranger on the phone.

The internet is a tool you can use to promote your network marketing opportunity to a wider audience. You now have the power to market your website to people around the world from the US to Kenya to India to China.

Successful businessman, when asked about what the average person can do to create financial independence; have suggested network marketing as a viable option. They talk about leverage and the need to have your money work for you. Network Marketing gives you this leverage and now the internet is a tool you can use to significantly leverage your time The Leverage to make a difference RIGHT NOW!